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COVID-19: Brazil has 160 thousand deaths, 5.56 million cases

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Deaths resulting from the pandemic of the novel coronavirus have totaled 160,496, according to the report released Tuesday evening by Brazil’s Health Ministry on Tuesday (Nov. 3), with figures from state health secretariats.

In 24 hours, 243 deaths were notified. There are also 2,316 deaths under investigation.

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The number of people infected with the new coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 5,566,049, after 11,843 new positive diagnoses were added from the previous day.

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Also included in the data were 377,337 patients being monitored. Of the total infected, 5,028,216 people have recovered from the disease—90.3 percent.

COVID-19 across the states

The states with the highest death toll are São Paulo (39,364), Rio de Janeiro (20,651), Ceará (9,362), Minas Gerais (9,050), and Pernambuco (8,643). Those with the lowest amount of fatal cases are Roraima (692), Acre (695), Amapá (751), Tocantins (1,100), and Rondônia (1,460).

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