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Brazil: Nearly 5 million have recovered from COVID-19

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The Coronavirus Dashboard of Brazil’s Health Ministry reports that another 190 people died from COVID-19 in Brazil in 24 hours, according to official figures released on Monday (Nov. 2). This brings the death toll to 160,074 since March 27. The mortality rate stands at 76.2 cases for every 100 thousand people. The total lethality rate is 2.9 percent.

Another 10.1 thousand people have been reported with the disease. The data includes a total case count of 5.545 million cases of contamination with the novel coronavirus—2,639 cases in every group of 100 thousand people. According to the ministry, 4.980 million people have recovered from the illness after being infected. Another 404 thousand cases are still being monitored.

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The Southeast has notified 1,944 million cases of infection with COVID-19 and 72.8 thousand deaths. The region is followed by the Northeast, with 1,480 million cases and 42,2 thousand deaths. In the South, cases add up to 722.7 thousand and 14.8 thousand deaths. A total of 703.4 thousand people were infected and 15.9 thousand died in the North.

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In the Central-West, the case count stands at 694.8 thousand, with deaths totaling 14.8 thousand. The worst incidence and mortality rates for every 100 thousand people are in this region: 4,263.6 people have been infected and 91.1 have died in every group of 100 thousand people.

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