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Rondônia, sábado, 01 de outubro de 2022.


Electoral Court receives registrations of presidential candidates


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The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on Monday (Aug. 1) began to receive presidential candidacy registrations for this year’s elections. The first ones were from candidates Pablo Marçal (Republican Party of the Social Order – Pros) and Sofia Manzano (Brazilian Communist Party – PCB).

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Colégio Sapiens

Party conventions have been taking place since July 20. It is at the convention that party members approve the name of a certain pre-candidate for the presidential race. After the convention, the parties send the names of candidates to a system developed by the Electoral Justice exclusively for the registration of minutes of party conventions and requests for the registration of candidacies.

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According to the 2022 electoral calendar, August 15 is the deadline for political parties, federations, and coalitions to apply for the registration of candidates for the positions of president, governor, and senator, as well as for congressmen, state and district representatives.

Citizens can monitor registrations through the Electoral Court`s DivulgaCandContas system. It brings detailed information about the candidates, such as criminal records and declaration of assets. The system also shows the collection and expenses accountability during the campaign.


35-year-old businessman Pablo Marçal was born in Goiânia, state of Goiás, and his running mate is the 54-year-old military police officer and writer Fátima Pérola Neggra, born in Iporã, Paraná state.

51-year-old professor Sofia Manzano was born in São Paulo (SP), and her running mate is 43-year-old journalist Antônio Alves da Silva Junior, born in Recife, Pernambuco state.


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