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Rondônia, segunda, 27 de setembro de 2021.


Pulled by fuels, official inflation closes out August at 0.87%


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The inflation, as gauged by the National Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) closed out August up 0.87 percent, the highest for the month since 2000. This brings the indicator to an increase of 5,67 percent year to date and 9.68 percent month on month, the highest accumulated rates since February 2016, when the rate stood at 10.36 percent. In August last year, the variation was reported at 0.24 percent. The data were released today (Sep. 9) by the government’s statistics agency IBGE.

Of the nine groups and services surveyed by the institute, eight saw an increase in August, chief among them transport, up 1.46 percent, pulled by fuels. Gasoline surged 2.8 percent, ethanol 4.5 percent, compressed gas 2.06 percent, and diesel oil 1.79 percent.


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