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Brazil reports 239 thousand deaths, 9.83 mi cases of COVID-19

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Deaths caused by the novel coronavirus over the course of the pandemic have neared the 240 thousand mark. In 24 hours, health authorities reported 713 new fatalities, adding up to 239,245.

Also in addition to the official update, COVID-19 cases have reached 9,834,513. In 24 hours, 24,759 new diagnoses were confirmed.

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The report also indicates 849,844 patients being monitored and 8,745,424 who have recovered from the disease.


The Brazilian states with the highest number of deaths are São Paulo (56,266), Rio de Janeiro (31,487), Minas Gerais (16,879), Rio Grande do Sul (11,739), and Ceará (10,822).

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Those with the lowest amount of fatalities are Acre (921), Roraima (976), Amapá (1,102), Tocantins (1,455), and Rondônia (2,509).

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