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Rondônia, terça, 25 de junho de 2024.


Amazon deforestation down 36%


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Deforestation in the Amazon during the first four months of this year decreased by 36 percent compared to the same period in 2022, as reported by the Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon – Imazon. The institute was established in 1990, and comprises dedicated researchers focused on studying the utilization and preservation of natural resources in the region.

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In the period between January and April of this year, the deforestation of the Amazon resulted in the removal of a vegetation cover area spanning 1,203 km². Comparatively, during the first four months of the previous year, 1,884 km² of the Amazon forest were deforested.

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Despite being reduced by almost a third compared to the previous period, the area devastated in the first four months of this year still ranks as the third worst result in conservation efforts for this Brazilian biome since 2008.

Imazon researchers, based on satellite monitoring analysis, concluded that in April this year, deforestation witnessed a significant decline of 72 percent. It dropped from 1,197 km² in April 2022 to 336 km² in the corresponding month this year.

“The reduction observed in April is positive; however, the deforested area during the month still ranks as the fourth largest since 2008,” highlights researcher Larissa Amorim, referring to the figures for the same month in the three preceding years: 1,197 km² (2022), 778 km² (2021), and 529 km² (2020).

“This highlights the necessity of implementing immediate enforcement measures, including the identification and punishment of illegal deforestation activities in the most vulnerable regions, with a particular focus on public forests lacking defined use and protected areas. This becomes especially crucial as the Amazon summer approaches, historically associated with increased deforestation,” emphasized Amorim in a statement released by the institute.



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