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Rondônia, sábado, 26 de novembro de 2022.


Brazil drug agency opens consultation on e-cigarettes


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Brazil’s national drug agency Anvisa opened a consultation on Monday (Apr. 11) to receive technical and scientific information about electronic smoking devices, also known as electronic cigarettes.

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Colégio Sapiens

The agency’s goal is to gather information for and against the use of these cigarettes in order to support future decisions on their sale and use. Anvisa itself has already issued a resolution banning the import, sale, and advertising of the products nationwide.

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Soon after the consultation was opened, Brazil’s Pulmonology Society (SBPT) stood out against the release of e-cigarettes, claiming they are a threat to public health.

Pulmonologist Paulo Corrêa, coordinator of the institution’s smoking commission, explained there is a false belief among users that the smoke is not harmful, as it is only water vapor. He also warned that electronic cigarettes have a great appeal among young people, raising the number of new smokers in Brazil.

On Monday (11), Brazil’s research foundation Fiocruz, which runs a center for studies on tobacco and health, also launched a campaign on the risks of the use and release of electronic smoking devices in Brazil. Besides informative material on social media, the campaign includes an online petition encouraging people to demonstrate against the authorization of electronic cigarettes in the Brazilian market.

Anvisa will be collecting information on electronic smoking devices until May 11.


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