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Rondônia, quinta, 27 de janeiro de 2022.


CNC: household debt reaches its highest level in almost 12 years


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Colégio Sapiens

The percentage of Brazilian families with debts in arrears or not reached 74.6% in October this year, the highest level in the series of the National Survey of Indebtedness and Consumer Default (Peic), which started in January 2010. Before July this year , the share had never surpassed the 70% mark.

Since July, however, the percentage of indebtedness in the country, which has been on the rise for 11 months, has exceeded 70%. The data were released today (29) by the National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC).

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Educa Mais Brasil

In September of this year, the index had been at 74%. In October of last year, defaulters were 66.5% of families.


The percentage of defaulters, that is, families that have overdue accounts or debts, presented, in October this year (25.6%), a slight increase in relation to September (25.5%). There was, however, a decrease compared to October 2020 (26.1%).

The percentage of families that will not be able to pay their debts or bills dropped to 10.1% in October this year, down from 10.3% in the previous month and from 11.9% in October last year.

The average share of income committed to debt remained stable at 30.2%. Most debt (84.9%) is with credit card. Among defaulters, the average delay in repaying debts is the lowest since March this year: 61.4 days.

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