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Rondônia, terça, 09 de agosto de 2022.


Brazil receives request for emergency use of CanSino vaccine


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Brazil’s national sanitary regulator Anvisa received the request for the authorization of the emergency use of a new vaccine against COVID-19. The inoculation comes from pharmaceutical company CanSino, based in China. The request was filed by the firm’s representative in Brazil, Biomm.

Called Convidecia, the inoculation includes just one shot, like the Janssen vaccine. Anvisa now has seven business days to issue a reply, which may be extended if the watchdog needs further clarifications or new information regarding the consortium of companies charged with the offer of the inoculation in Brazil.

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Anvisa’s team will evaluate the documents on the vaccine, which should provide details on security, efficiency, duration of protection, and immunogenicity.

According to the data bank on vaccines against COVID-19 from Canada’s McGill University, the CanSino vaccine has been approved in nine countries, most of them in Asia and Latin America.