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Brazil inflation speeds up, reaches 1.25% in October


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Colégio Sapiens

Brazil’s inflation, as gauged by the National Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) sped up to 1.25 percent in October, the highest rate for the month since 2002, the IPCA stood at 1.31 percent. In September this year, the index was 1.16 percent. In October 2020, the monthly variation was reported at 0.86 percent.

The data were published today (Nov. 10) by Brazil’s statistics agency IBGE and reveal that the IPCA is up 8.24 percent year to date and 10.67 percent month on month. In the 12-month period prior, the hike had been 10.25 percent.

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Educa Mais Brasil

According to IBGE, the increase in inflation was pulled by transport prices (2.62%), with special mention for fuels (3.21%) and food and drinks (1.17%).


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