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Rondônia, sexta, 15 de outubro de 2021.


Fiocruz report shows success of vaccination against COVID-19


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The COVID-19 Observatory Report, published Thursday (Oct, 7) by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), shows that the success of the vaccination in preventing serious and fatal forms of the disease is reflected in the number of cases and deaths, as well in the steady ICU occupancy rate for adults in public hospitals, low in most states.

Fiocruz researchers believe, however, that people must be careful and continue wearing masks and observing other preventive measures, like keeping hands sanitized and social distancing, as the rate

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Educa Mais Brasil

The recommendation was made as the home permanence rate has been near zero since July, which means people are circulating on the streets at a rate similar to pre-pandemic levels.

Despite the large number of immunized people, vaccines do not completely prevent infection with, or transmission of, the virus, the document points out. As a result, experts sill advocate social distancing and preventive measures, as well as the adoption of the vaccine passport until the country reaches the ideal level of vaccine coverage.

Activities involving a large gathering of people should only be carried out with proof of vaccination, the scientists believe. They also argue that it is still not reasonable to “talk about concrete estimates as to when the pandemic is likely to be over,” adding that the necessary measures must be maintained for the pandemic to end as quickly as possible.


As it stands today, the mortality rate for COVID-19 fluctuates near 500 cases a day. The document reports a steep decline compared to the peak observed in April, when more than 3 thousand deaths were registered daily. Despite the retraction, the figures still show that transmission lingers on, as well as the incidence of severe cases that require intensive care.

Over the course of last week, authorities confirmed 16,500 cases of COVID-19 and 500 fatalities from the disease per day. According to the report by Fiocruz, this shows a slight increase in cases (0.4 percent a day) and a reduction in the number of deaths (0.7 percent a day). The circulation of people on the streets and positive diagnoses remain high, nonetheless.

The report also indicates that, in most Brazilian states, according to data collected on October 4, COVID-19 ICU occupancy rates for adults in public hospitals show relative stability, with levels below 50 percent.


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