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Rondônia, segunda, 27 de setembro de 2021.


Brazil reports 577,565 deaths from COVID-19


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Educa Mais Brasil

The number of lives lost to the COVID-19 pandemic has reached 577,565, after the 920 new deaths caused by the disease from Wednesday to Thursday.

The figures can be found in the daily update published by Brazil’s Ministry of Health on Thursday (Aug. 26) evening. The report combines data on cases and deaths collected by state health secretariats.

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Educa Mais Brasil

The amount of people who caught COVID-19 in Brazil since the beginning of the pandemic now stands at 20,676,561. In 24 hours, 31,024 positive diagnoses of the disease were confirmed.

Also registered were 489,493 active cases being monitored by health agents. These are patients whose state may still improve or deteriorate.

The total of people who recovered from COVID-19 escalated to 19,609,503—94.8 percent of the total infected.


Atop the list of Brazilian states with the highest death tolls for COVID-19 are São Paulo (145,012), Rio de Janeiro (61,982), Minas Gerais (52,713), Paraná (37,281), and Rio Grande do Sul (34,087).

At the bottom stand Acre (1,813), Roraima (1,935), Amapá (1,949), Tocantins (3,668), and Sergipe (5,978).


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