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Cabinet reshuffle confirmed by gov’t affects six ministries


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The president’s press advisors on Monday afternoon (Mar. 29) confirmed changes at the helms of six ministries and high-ranking offices with ministry status. President Jair Bolsonaro’s cabinet reshuffle affected the office of his chief of staff, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Ministry of Defense, the Government Secretariat, and the Attorney-General’s Office.

The president confirmed the reshuffle on his social media and the appointments were published today on the country’s Official Gazette.

He office of the chief of staff will be led by General Luiz Eduardo Ramos, replacing General Braga Netto. Ramos, previously at the Government Secretariat, will be substituted by Federal Deputy Flávia Arruda (PL-DF), who is part of the government’s support base in Congress. Braga Netto, in turn, will be sent to head the Ministry of Defense in lieu of General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, who announced he was to step down earlier on.

Also confirmed was the departure of Ernesto Araújo from the Foreign Ministry. In his place comes diplomat Carlos Alberto França, who currently serves as Bolsonaro special advisor, but was the president’s ceremonial chief months ago. In 2019, França was promoted to first-class minister (ambassador)—the highest post in a diplomatic career. Overseas, he served as minister-council at Brazil’s Embassy in Bolivia and also worked at diplomatic representations in Washington, USA, and Asunción, Paraguay.

For the Attorney-General’s Office, the government announced the return of André Mendonça as head, as soon as he leaves the leading post at the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. He comes to replace José Levi, who reported his departure earlier. Mendonça is coming back to the position he served in until April 2020, when he substituted former Minister Sergio Moro at the ministry. His post, in turn, will be occupied by Federal Police Commissioner Anderson Gustavo Torres, current secretary for Public Security of the Federal District.


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