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Deaths from coronavirus up to 57 in Brazil

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The number of deaths from the new coronavirus (COVID-19) reached 57 in Brazil, as per the latest official data, released on Wednesday (Mar. 25), up 11 from the previous day. Confirmed cases went from 2,201 to 2,433.

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, deaths were reported outside of the main epicenters of the outbreak in the country—São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, both in the Southeast—like Pernambuco (Northeast), Rio Grande do Sul (South), and Amazonas (North).

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As the place with the highest circulation of the virus in the country, São Paulo also has the largest number of infected people—862 confirmed cases. Next come Rio de Janeiro (370), Ceará (200), the Federal District (160), Minas Gerais (133), and Rio Grande do Sul (123). All five Brazilian regions have registered cases of the disease.

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The Health Ministry recommends the isolation of those showing symptoms of COVID-19 and those who live in the same household as symptomatic patients and people aged 60 and above, for 14 days. Once this period is over, no isolation is necessary, except for cases with a specific medical condition, officials say.

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