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COVID-19: Brazil’s deaths reach 164,000; case tally stands at 5.7 mi

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In Brazil, deaths caused by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus reached 164,281, after the 908 reported from Wednesday to Thursday were tallied.

Cases of infection with the virus since the pandemic started reached 5,781,582. A total of 33,207 new positive diagnoses for COVID-19 were notified in the latest count.

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The data come from the Thursday update (Nov. 12) of the Health Ministry on the spread of the pandemic in the country, and are based on the information submitted by state health secretariats.

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Also reported were 360,532 patients being monitored. Another 5,256,767 have recovered from the illness.

COVID-19 across the states

The states with the highest death tolls are São Paulo (40,202), Rio de Janeiro (21,090), Ceará (9,430), Minas Gerais (9,259), and Pernambuco (8,794). The states with the fewest cases are Roraima (705), Acre (707), Amapá (771), Tocantins (1,125), and Rondônia (1,492).

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