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Rondônia, quinta, 08 de dezembro de 2022.


Elections 2022: Justification for not voting can be submitted online


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Faculdade Sapiens

Voters who need to justify their absence in the first or second round of the October elections in Brazil can use the e-Título application during voting hours, from 8 am to 5 pm.

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Colégio Sapiens

The justification can also be made at any voting center by presenting the electoral justification request form and a photo ID, also during voting hours.

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If it is not possible to present the justification during voting hours, the situation can be regularized up to 60 days after each round without paying a fine. The procedure can be done through the e-Título application or the Justifica system. In addition to filling out the documents, it is necessary to attach proof (a travel ticket, for example) justifying the absence from voting. The justification will be analyzed by an electoral judge.

If you are abroad, you can use the electronic title to justify your absence at the time of voting. It is also possible to make the justification later, within 60 days after each round or 30 days after returning to Brazil.

In all cases, the voter must justify each round that he/she cannot attend.


Colégio Sapiens

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