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Rondônia, sábado, 01 de outubro de 2022.


National Force to support indigenous foundation in the Amazon


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Faculdade Sapiens

Brazil´s National Public Security Force was authorized to support the national indigenous foundation FUNAI in Camicuã – an indigenous land in the state of Amazonas. The ordinance of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) about the measure was published in the Official Gazette today (Aug. 9).

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Colégio Sapiens

According to authorization from the Ministry of Justice, as of today, military police officers will work for 30 days in activities and services essential to the preservation of public order, and the security of people and property, on an episodic and planned basis.

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“The contingent will comply with the planning defined by the Brazilian Security Force, the National Public Security Secretariat, and MJSP,” the ordinance signed by Minister Anderson Torres reads.

In the Camicuã Indigenous Land – officially approved on December 24, 1991 – lives the Apurinã indigenous group. It is located in the Amazonian municipality of Boca do Acre.


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