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Rondônia, quarta, 01 de dezembro de 2021.


Brazil auctions 5G mobile internet frequencies


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Colégio Sapiens

After years of research and negotiations, the frequencies used in 5G mobile internet are to be held today (Nov. 4). Considered a great technological milestone, the new standard is to make sci-fi–worthy innovations possible: self-driving cars, medical procedures carried out remotely, full automation of production lines, surveillance and monitoring of all urban traffic, in addition to high-quality entertainment and connectivity similar those in developed countries.

However, according to the Ministry of Communications, the 5G innovations are not just about improved services to a limited portion of society. As per the agreement, approved by Brazil’s Court of Accounts on August 25, the 5G technology will also account for the expansion of 4G mobile internet in locations where this technology is still unavailable, boosting the number of Brazilian users.

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Educa Mais Brasil

“We can say with no trepidation that the coming of 5G will take the country to a new level in digital inclusion,” said Artur Coimbra, secretary for telecom at the Communications Ministry. “We’ll cover all federal roads with 4G connectivity at least, in addition to broadband mobile to nearly 10 thousand rural locations, with the expansion of services for school and health centers. Our target for next year—and we have the conditions—is to bring internet connection to all public schools across the country,” the secretary went on to say.

The terms of the 5G auction require coverage in all of Brazil’s 26 state capitals plus the Federal District by July 2022. Service should include all Brazilian cities with over 50 thousand people by 2028, while a 4G connection should encompass all of the national territory.


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