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Rondônia, quarta, 01 de dezembro de 2021.


COVID-19: 86% of São Paulo population fully vaccinated


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Colégio Sapiens

São Paulo state has 86 percent of its adult population with their COVID-19 vaccine scheme complete. The vaccination campaign in the state started in January 17. The state was the first to initiate the administration of doses.

On Monday (Oct. 25), Brazil’s most populous state reached 100% of adults having taken at least one dose of the inoculation. The count is based on data from the government’s statistics agency IBGE, and indicates 35.3 million people vaccinated.

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Educa Mais Brasil

The administration of extra doses has been authorized by the state government as of September 6. Over 2.354 million doses have been applied, as estimated by the state immunization plan, which includes elders, immunosuppressed individuals, and health agents.


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