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Rondônia, terça, 28 de setembro de 2021.


Brazil has 40% of population completely vaccinated against COVID-19


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A report released this Friday (Sep. 3) by Brazil’s Ministry of Health shows that 40 percent of the Brazilian population (64 million people) aged 18 and older have completed the vaccination cycle against COVID-19. Approximately 132 million have received the first dose. The number accounts for 83.4 percent of the target public of 160 million adults in the country.

The progress of the vaccination campaign brings positive results, the ministry stated, including the reduction in the occupancy rate of COVID-19 beds, hospital wards, and ICUs, which has sunk below 50 percent and within normal standards across 19 Brazilian states. The moving averages of cases and deaths are also on the wan and saw a slash of 61 and 60 percent in the last two months, respectively.


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“We’ll continue to advance and we’re counting on everyone’s support. When I took office as health minister, the goal was to vaccinate one million people a day, a figure we’ve been getting with no major incidents. If we continue at this pace it’ll possible to vaccine all of the target public in the country with the two doses by the end of October,” Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga declared.


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