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Brazil receives supplies for domestic production of Coronavac

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A plane coming from China with supplies for the manufacture of 8.6 million doses of vaccine Coronavac against COVID-19 arrived in São Paulo on Wednesday night (Feb. 3). The aircraft comes with a total of 5.4 thousand litters of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, a product required for the production of the vaccine.

This is the first batch of supplies that Butantan Institute receives this year. According to Butantan, in collaboration with Chinese laboratory Sinovac, the vaccines produced with the raw-material shipment will start being delivered to the Health Ministry on February 25.

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Another shipment with 5.6 thousand litters of active pharmaceutical ingredient should land in Brazil by February 10, the São Paulo state government declared, which is expected to enable the production of another 8.7 million doses.

Combines, the two batches of supplies will make the manufacture of 17.3 million doses of the vaccine possible. The institute estimates that the production of vaccines against COVID-19 should reach 600 thousand doses per day.

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