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Rondônia, domingo, 07 de março de 2021.

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Brazil surpasses 9.2 mi cases of COVID-19

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Brazil has reached 9,204,731 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. According to the report published by the Health Ministry on Sunday (Jan. 31), 27,756 were added.

Most of the infected (8,027,042, or 87.2 percent) have recovered from the disease, while 953,185 have contracted the illness and are still being monitored.

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In 24 hours, 559 new deaths were confirmed, amounting to 224,504 fatalities.

The state with the highest case tally is São Paulo, with 1,777,368. Next come Minas Gerais (734,486), Bahia (588,106), Santa Catarina (576,815), and Paraná (549,333).

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Those with the lowest case counts are Acre (48,467), Roraima (74,115), Amapá (77,041), and Tocantins (102,217).

São Paulo also ranks first in deaths from COVID-19, with 53,034 fatalities, followed by Rio de Janeiro (29,811), Minas Gerais (15,060), and Bahia (10,060).

The states with the lowest death tolls are Roraima (856), Acre (867), and Amapá (1,059).

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