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Butantan Institute requests emergency use of vaccine CoronaVac

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Brazil’s national sanitary regulator Anvisa today (Jan. 8) received the request for the temporary authorization of the emergency use of vaccine CoronaVac, in experimental fashion. The request was made by Butantan Institute, which conducts the study on the vaccine against COVID-19 developed by company Sinovac in Brazil.

According to the watchdog, the selection of documents in the request and the proposal for the emergency use the laboratory plans to make has been initiated. Anvisa’s goal is to analyze the emergency use in up to ten days, not considering a possible period during which the process may pend further data, to be submitted by the laboratory.

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“The first 24 hours will be spent scrutinizing the process and ascertaining whether the documents required are available. If any information is missing, Anvisa may ask the laboratory for further data,” the agency stated.

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