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Bolsonaro highlights commitment to democracy and Constitution

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President Jair Bolsonaro delivered an address to the nation on Monday evening (Sep. 7), when the country celebrated 198 years since Brazil became independent from Portugal. He restated the commitment with the Constitution and the preservation of “the sovereignty, democracy, and freedom, values our country will never forgo.”

“The independence of Brazil deserves to be celebrated today, in both our homes and hearts. Independence has given us the freedom to make decisions on our own fate, and we use it to choose democracy. We are people who believe we can do better. We are a God-fearing nation that respects family and loves its fatherland. Brazilian pride,” the president declared.

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Also in his speech, Bolsonaro stated that, since the independence, Brazil has told the world it would be subject to any other nation, and Brazilians would not abdicate their liberty. The president mentioned the participation of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) in the fight against National Socialism and fascism, also highlighting Brazil’s miscegenation.

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“The national identity started being drawn with the miscegenation among Indians, whites, and blacks. Later on, waves of immigrants followed, bringing hope they had lost in their countries. Religions, beliefs, behaviors, and visions were assimilated and respected. Brazil developed a sense of tolerance, that of different people becoming equal. The legacy of this admixture is the set of cultural, ethical, and religious riches that were integrated with national customs and proudly taken in as Brazilian.”

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