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Brazil resumes direct flights to Portugal from Brasília

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Five months after the interruption of its flights at the International Brasília Airport, air carrier TAP on Thursday (Sep. 3) is resuming its regular operations between Brazil and Portugal, starting with the International Brasília Airport.

The resumption is expected to include landings in Brasília early in the morning on Mondays and Thursday, on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the evening, and will be carried out with new sanitary protocols. Wearing masks is mandatory. Passengers may be kept from boarding if not sporting the accessory.


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According to Inframerica, which administers the terminal in the Brazilian capital, after the reopening of the international area, the measures to prevent COVID-19 will be intensified. The space has been disinfected and given the necessary signage on social distancing, in addition to spots with hand sanitizer across passenger areas. Firefighters will check the temperature of those boarding and disembarking in Brasília.

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“This is an important flight linking the capital of our country to Portugal, an important connection for a number of European cities,” said Roberto Luiz, Inframerica’s head for air business.

No date has been fixed for the beginning of the remaining international destinations operating from Brasília. Copa Airlines is considering resuming activities in October.

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