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Rondônia, quinta, 22 de setembro de 2022.


Rio’s Maracanã stadium set to wrap up Brazil Cup


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Faculdade Sapiens

Copa do Brasil will have its final clash at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã stadium on Tuesday (Sep 20), national football confederation CBF reported. The announcement was made following the draw of lots for the teams’ selection of venues.

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Colégio Sapiens

The first match of the final between Flamengo and Corinthians, scheduled for October 12, is set to be played at São Paulo’s Neo Química arena. Thus, the return match will be held at the Maracanã stadium on October 19.

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“I wish these two games prove to be great matches that will enhance Brazilian soccer. I hope they’re competitive and truly decided by the protagonists—the players,” said Corinthians’s Portuguese coach Vítor Pereira.

Flamengo’s captain Dorival Júnior also said he is expecting a great decision: “The outcome of such a championship will be defined by the competence of the teams. These are great teams disputing wonderful classics. I hope we have fair matches on the field, defined by the competence of each team, as they have the responsibility to put on a great show for the public.”


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