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Rondônia, sábado, 01 de outubro de 2022.


Brazil will debut against Ireland in the Rugby Sevens World Cup


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Faculdade Sapiens

The Brazilian women’s rugby servens team met this Thursday (21) the opposing team at the opening of the World Cup, in Cape Town (South Africa). The first game will be against Ireland, already known rivals of the Yaras (nickname of the Brazilian team), on the 9th of September. Brazilians and Irish have already been face to face in 18 official matches, with six victories for the Yaras.

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Colégio Sapiens

The competition starts in the round of 16 stage. The format of the dispute is knockout. If Brazil triumphs in their debut, they advance to the quarterfinals, on the 10th, again. 

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This will be the fourth participation of the Yaras in World Cups. The best place in the country was the 10th place, in 2009, in the Dubai edition (United Arab Emirates). In the following World Cups, the Brazilians finished in 13th position: in 2013, in the Moscow Cup (Russia), and in 2018 in San Francisco (United States).


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