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Rondônia, sábado, 14 de maio de 2022.


Comet Leonard lights up Rio’s sky next to Christ the Redeemer


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Colégio Sapiens

Scientifically named C/2021 A1, comet Leonard – the brightest comet to cross the world’s skies in 2021 – was seen alongside Christ the Redeemer this week. The record was made by photographer Marcello Cavalcanti, who captured the phenomenon.

With an estimated luminosity magnitude of 2.5, Leonard was discovered in 2021 by astronomer Gregory J. Leonard and will be at the closest point to Earth on January 3, 2022, as reported by the US aerospace agency NASA. After the apex, Leonard will slowly pull away and will only be seen in the skies from Earth 80,000 years from now.

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Educa Mais Brasil

View images of comet Leonard taken by NASA’s solar orbital probe:

Comet Leonard and its tail, which can measure up to 15 million kilometers, are still visible in Brazilian skies. For amateur observers, it is possible to use location apps that pinpoint the exact coordinates of the phenomenon in the sky and the most favorable times for observation.

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