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Rondônia, domingo, 19 de setembro de 2021.


Brazil reports 19.68 mi cases of COVID-19, 549.92k deaths


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Brazil has officially reported 549,924 deaths from COVID-19 and 19,688,663 cases. Of these, 18,349,436 people have recovered from the disease.

The figures were disclosed on Sunday evening (Jul. 25) by the country’s Ministry of Health, based on data made available by state health secretariats. In the last 24 hours, 476 deaths and 18,129 new cases of contamination were recorded.


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Of all 27 Brazilian states, São Paulo, the most populous, still ranks first among states with the highest death toll (137,236) and the highest case tally (4,001,078). Second comes Minas Gerais, with 49,832/1,936,291: followed by Paraná, with 34,308/1,361,135; and Rio Grande do Sul, with 33,046/1,352,285.


Brazil has distributed 164,478 million vaccine doses against COVID-19 to the states and the Federal District, as per official data, with 131,895 million doses having been administered—94,732 million as the first dose, and 37,161 as the second or only dose.


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