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COVID-19: Brazil reports 3,869 new deaths, new all-time high for 24h


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On the second consecutive day with an all-time high in the daily number of deaths from COVID-19, Brazil reported 3,869 fatalities between Tuesday (Mar. 30) and Wednesday (31).

On Tuesday, the country confirmed 3,780. Adding the new victims to the statistics, the total death toll in the pandemic stands at 321,515, compared to 317,646 the day before.

There are 3,495 fatalities under investigation by health teams, as in some cases the cause of death is determined after a patient dies.

The case tally was the second highest in 24 hours—90,638, second only to March 25, when 100,158 new cases were counted. On Tuesday, the number of people infected up to that point was 12,658,109.

Recovered now total 11,169,937. Patients with an active case, being monitored by health teams, add up to 1,257,295.


The list of Brazilian states with the highest COVID-19 death counts is headed by São Paulo (74,652), followed by Rio de Janeiro (36,727), Minas Gerais (24,332), Rio Grande do Sul (19,736), and Paraná (16,717).

Those with the lowest death tolls are Acre (1,262), Amapá (1,302), Roraima (1,341), Tocantins (2,032), and Sergipe (3,501).


Until yesterday evening, 34.9 million vaccine doses had been distributed. Of these, 18.5 million were administered—14.3 million as the first dose, 4.1 million as the second.