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Brazil reports another 24,818 COVID-19 cases in 24h

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The epidemiological report published Wednesday evening (Oct. 21) by the Health Ministry shows that 24,818 new diagnoses of COVID-19 were confirmed in 24 hours. Also registered were 566 deaths.

Since the beginning of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, the country has counted 5,298,772 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Thus far, 155,403 deaths caused the by disease have been notified.

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The official data also reveal that 4,756,489 Brazilians have recovered from the disease, or 89.9 percent of all confirmed cases. As it stands today, 386,880 patients are being treated.

São Paulo has surpassed 1,073 million cases

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São Paulo, Brazil’s most populous state, has had 1,073,261 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, with 38,371 deaths, as per the report by the state health secretariat. Of all cases diagnosed, 965,058 people have recovered from the disease.

Currently, there are 7,287 people hospitalized across the state with suspected or confirmed cases of the new coronavirus. Of these, 3,184 people are in intensive care units. The bed occupancy rate in intensive care units is 40.5 percent both statewide and in the Great São Paulo area.

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