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Brazil reports 10.9 thousand new COVID-19 cases in 24h

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Brazil registered 10,982 cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours, the country’s Ministry of Health reported Sunday (Oct. 18). Since the beginning of the pandemic, 5,235,344 cases have been notified.

A total of 230 new deaths were also computed, adding up to 153,905 people killed by the disease. The number of people recovered in Brazil reached 4,650,030, whereas 431,409 are being monitored. Another 2,362 cases are under investigation.

On the weekend, the case and death counts tend to be lower due to problems facing the state agencies feeding the data banks.

COVID-19 across the states

São Paulo has reported 1,064,602 cases of COVID-19 and 38,020 relevant deaths. The state ranks first both in the number of infected people and deaths from the novel coronavirus countrywide. Of all infected, 947,608 have recovered, 116,487 of whom were hospitalized and subsequently released.

The bed occupancy rates in intensive care units (ICUs) stands at 40.5 percent in the Great São Paulo area and 41 percent statewide. The amount of patients hospitalized is 7,416, 4,125 in first-aid rooms, 3,291 in ICUs, as per Sunday data.

Of those who died of the disease in the state, 21,882 are men and 16,138 are women. Fatal cases are still highest among 60-year-olds and older, adding up to 76.3 percent of deaths.

The main risk factors associated to mortality are heart disease (59.7 percent of deaths) and diabetes mellitus (43.3%).

Next to São Paulo on the list is Minas Gerais, with 335,683 cases and 8,446. Bahia has 335,351 cases and 7,316 deaths. Rio de Janeiro has fewer deaths than the other states (209,878), but comes second in number of deaths (19,765).

*Ludmilla Souza contributed to this article.

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