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Bolsonaro attends opening of economic forum in Arab countries

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro today (Oct. 19) said that the closer political ties between Brazil and Arab countries have opened up new cooperation areas in such strategic fields as science, technology, innovation, and energy. Bolsonaro attended the opening ceremony of the Brazil–Arab Countries Economic Forum, being held online until Thursday (22).

Last year, the Brazilian leader went on a visit to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, where he presented reforms being implemented by the government in the economic sector as well as investment opportunities in the country. In 2019, the exchange between Brazil and Arab nations surpassed $11 billion.

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Last year, Brazil exported $4.9 billion to the 22 countries in the Arab League, with exports from January through August 2020 having reached $4.6 billion. Agribusiness products in the main highlight, the Brazilian president pointed out.

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“Today, Brazil’s halal production, which follows the traditions and rules of the Islamic religion, is synonymous with quality and trust. As a result, Arab countries can rely on Brazil as a strategic partner in guaranteeing its food security,” he went on to state.

According to Bolsonaro, some 30 Brazilian companies have offices and production units in the Middle East. In his address, he also mentioned the commercial partnerships in Arab countries in Africa, like Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria.

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“We intend to continue deepening the historical, cultural, and friendship ties that bring our peoples together. I’d also like to benefit from the huge potential yet to be explored in the several fields and open new communication, cooperation, and work fronts for the prosperity of our nations,” he said.

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