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Brazil has 150,900 deaths, 5.11 mi cases of COVID-19

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Brazil has reported 150,998 deaths linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the 309 reported from Monday to Tuesday. There are also 2,400 fatal cases under investigation.

The figures are in the updated report published by the Health Ministry on Tuesday evening (Oct. 13). The document gathers data sent in by state health secretariats.

The total case tally currently stands at 5,113,628. In 24 hours, health authorities added to the statistics 10,220 new positive diagnoses for COVID-19. According to the ministry, 4,526,975 people have recovered from the disease. There are also 435,655 cases being monitored.

On Tuesdays, daily figures tend to rise as previously unreported cases are computed. The holiday on Monday (12) caused the data to grow less significantly than the average on the previous days.

São Paulo surpasses 1 million cases

In the report by the Health Secretariat of São Paulo State, the state is said to have 37,314 deaths and 1,039,029 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, with 928,292 people having recovered from the disease.

As it stands today, 8,075 people have been hospitalized with suspected or confirmed cases of the virus statewide, 3,599 of whom in a serious state. The bed occupancy rate in intensive care units is 42.6 percent in the state, 41.9 percent in the Great São Paulo area.

All 645 municipalities in São Paulo have reported at least one person infected with the virus. In 581 of them, at least one death has been notified thus far.


After São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (19,336), Ceará (9,140), Pernambuco (8,417), and Minas Gerais (8,145) have reported the highest death count. The lowest amount of people killed by COVID-19 is seen in Roraima (670), Acre (675), Amapá (727), Tocantins (1,012), and Mato Grosso do Sul (1,449).

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