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Brazil’s COVID-19 case tally at 5.1 mi; deaths total 150,689

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Brazil’s Health Ministry on Monday (Oct. 12), a national holiday, updated the report on COVID-19 cases in the country. With 201 new deaths registered in 24 hours, the country has witnessed 150,689 deaths from the disease. Since the beginning of the pandemic, cases add up to 5,103,408.

Of all infected since the pandemic started, 4.5 million have recovered and another 456 thousand are being treated.

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The lethality rate is reported at three per percent, with mortality at 71.7 for every 100 thousand people. The incidence of cases of the novel coronavirus in every 100 thousand people is 2,428.5.


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The state of São Paulo has the highest amount of diagnoses of the disease. Since the pandemic started, deaths amount to 37,279 and cases add up to 1,038,344 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus. Of the total number of confirmed cases, 920,961 have recovered. Across the state, 8,702 people have been hospitalized with a suspected or confirmed case of the novel coronavirus, 4,251 of whom in a serious state. The bed occupancy rate in intensive care units us 42,9 percent for the state and 41.1 percent in the great São Paulo area.

Next with the highest figures are Bahia (326,634 cases, 7,159 deaths), Minas Gerais (323,967 cases, 8,130 deaths), and Rio de Janeiro (283,858 cases, 19,312 deaths).

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Acre is the state with the lowest amount of people infected, with 29,063 cases, and 675 deaths, followed by Amapá (49,424 cases, 726 deaths, Roraima (52,659 infections, 670 deaths), and Rondônia (67,973 cases, 1,398 deaths).

*Elaine Patrícia Cruz contributed to this article.

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