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Brazil’s COVID-19 case tally reaches 3.8 mi

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Brazil’s Health Ministry has released the latest figures on the pandemic of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country. According to the daily survey conducted by the ministry on Sunday (Aug. 30), Brazil has reported 3,862,311 confirmed cases of the disease and 120,828 deaths. Recovered patients added up to 3,031,559.

New cases stood at 16,158 and deaths at 366 from Saturday to Sunday. Also according to the authorities, 2,722 cases are being investigated.

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The state of São Paulo has the highest case count since the pandemic started, 803,404, with 29,978 deaths. Next come the states of Bahia (256,062 cases and 5,344 deaths), Rio de Janeiro (223,302 cases and 16,027 deaths), and Minas Gerais (215,050 cases and 5,326 deaths).

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