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COVID-19: Brazil reports 1,274 deaths, 52,160 cases

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The report published by Brazil’s Health Ministry on Tuesday (Aug. 11) shows Brazil has had 3,109,630 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic started. Of these, 103,025 died (3.3%), 2,243,124 patients recovered (72.1%), and 763,480 are undergoing treatment.

From Monday to Tuesday, 52,160 new cases were confirmed, along with 1,274 people killed by the disease. As it stands today, 3,580 deaths are being investigated.

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The lethality rate (number of deaths divided by the total case count) stood at 3.3 percent. The mortality (deaths for every 100 thousand people) reached 49. The incidence of COVID-19 cases for every 100 thousand people is 1,379.7.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, São Paulo has registered 639,526 cases of COVID-19. This is the state with the highest case tally, followed by Bahia (198,767), Ceará (190,550), Rio de Janeiro (182,563), and Pará (169,613).

São Paulo also ranks first for number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus (25,572). Next come Rio de Janeiro (14,212), Ceará (8,011), Pernambuco (7,008), and Pará (5,901).

Health workers

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Amid the increase in the number of essential health care agents affected by the virus, the International Red Cross Committee launched a campaign dubbed Valorize o Essencial (“cherish the essential”), aimed at fighting the stigma of promoting respect and support for those on the front line of the pandemic.

The committee noted that, since the first infections were reported, health workers have been exposed to high contamination risk. Official data show that, in Brazil, 23.3 thousand health professionals have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Of these, 196 died from COVID-19, with more fatal cases under investigation.

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